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 _________________________ Slowly, slowly _________________________


Slowly, slowly

I am realizing that all effort I made in my life

And all my suffering was to obtain

What I owned and had in my hands.


Slowly, slowly

I am becoming what I have always been.


Slowly, slowly

I am waking up from a deep sleep.

What ever true or false I went through was just a dream.

I am realizing even the dreamer was a part of the dream.


Slowly, slowly

I am realizing that nothing ever happened at all.


Slowly, slowly

My heart is telling me to die to be reborn as light.



 ________________________ My mind said a lie    ______________________



My mind said a lie

My heart believed and cried

My mind said to my heart

Didn’t you see it was me

Who said just a lie?


My heart said to my mind

Haven’t you noticed

I was born blind?


My mind was torn apart

Tears in eyes

My mind said to my heart

I would never say again a lie

Forever I will be your guide

Never again cry.


“I”, thoughtless, watched

Stayed still and untouched

That the time comes

All become nothing but light.



__________________________ It didn’t have a shape  _________________________



It didn’t have a shape

Colourless without any smell

I had it in my hands

I brought it for Her

With such a care.


I offered it to Her

She looked into my eyes

With such a smile on her face

That I forgot myself

I lost my Self in Hers


When I came back to earth

When I opened my eyes

I found my heart and my hands

Both wide open

Since She was “I” in myself

I didn’t need anymore

To give or to take.


____________________________ I always knew  __________________________



I always knew

I’ve been followed by HER

I could hear HER voice

I could feel HER steps

Who else could be but HER.


Once the night was there

Spreading its veil

Darkness taking place

Between me and HER

I always knew

I needed one more step

To be one with HER


Still I stayed

Watching HER dancing

Naked behind that veil

I kept my breath in the chest

By fear of light

That it may come

To put an end

To my being with HER


O friends

Love does not have a face

Love could appear in all shapes.



____________________________ “I”s today prayer  __________________________



Oh my God

Make me be soft

The way you talk to my heart


Give my eyes the same light

When I see you when I close my eyes


Teach my hands the generosity

That is in yours when you are creating all

Like you are doing nothing at all


Oh my God

Why should I be

Where and when you are

Be “I”

Like I have never been at all




_________________________ She flew away __________________________



She flew away

To give me the wings

To fly with Her

What I couldn’t do

While She was still on earth


I flew far away

I saw here from there

I saw nothing but Her

I left Her alone

Tears in my eyes

Heart full of joy

To come back to you

The Truth to tell


O sisters and brothers

O people of the world

Half of me is here

Half of me with Her

Call everyone on earth

Even those already dead

 Or still not born

To become one within me

To find Her again

To fly over there

No one has ever been


I should warn you dear

Who close your eyes to see even better

If with wings you see yourself there

She is flying in you of that be aware


________________________ O Dear friends _________________________



O Dear friends

 I am passing away

I don’t mind at all

Something is burning in me

I see its light in your eyes

I feel its warmth in my heart


The time is too slow

The space too small

What I can do

When I can not fly

Like a bird in the sky

Swim like a fish

As all of them they know

Innocent like a child

As once all of us have been


I am what I am

The way She wants each of us

Like a candle

I am burning inside

Drop by drop

“I” is leaving “I”

You can see them in my eyes

I can feel it in my heart


Take me with you

Where ever you go

SHE in “I”

Wants to be alone



_________________________ From where did I come __________________________



From where did I come

She did there return

To show me the way

Where to find the Self again


Looking for the Truth

Self was turning around itself

Seeing nothing but HER

Drop vanished in the ocean


Her passing away

Ringed all the bells

Announcing the time

Of awakened state.


_________________________ SHE cooked __________________________



SHE cooked

SHE watched

SHE talked

SHE cared

“I” always looking at HER


SHE passed away

“I” became awake

_________________________ Before OM used to be __________________________



Before OM used to be

“I” was that, now SHE is

Pain and joy are here

For” I” to see that SHE is


To be as “I” used to be

SHE has to be seen

“I” remains as is in pain to be

That in joy SHE continues to be


Seen, the light was born

Heard, the universe appeared as LOVE

Where the deaf can hear

The blind can see.

_________________________ I forgive __________________________



I forgive, I forgive

Day after day

Month after month

Year after year

He said and he continues to say


How do you I know

He asked

If one day I will be there

Pure desire, Kundalini does the rest

SHE said


Passed away

All is gone with HER

Like no one as ever been there.

_________________________ Looking at the ocean __________________________


 Looking at the ocean

Talking about a drop

Is screaming “I”


Looking at “I”

Thinking Her

Is announcing the End


I was born Grief and Joy

She took away both

“I” remained as  before being born.


_________________________ Who believes in death __________________________



Who believes in death

Has never seen in depth

The mystery of life

In 1001 colours of rainbow.


Red, blue or rose

It comes and it goes

Leaving behind the joy

Sometimes a deep sorrow.


_________________________ What ever you say __________________________


 What ever you say

How ever you do

They are

What, where, how and who you are


I with you

This with that

At this very moment

Are one

Hands in hands



______________________________ Oh My Lord ______________________________


Oh My Lord

Do not test me

Do not judge me

Do not tempt me

Do not leave me on my own

Do not leave me the choice

Do not see me with your own eyes.


Oh My Lord

Better than you

Who knows?

Who is this “I”.



 ________________________I asked for a tear of Hers ________________________


I asked for a tear of Hers

She gave me all oceans on earth

I asked for a ray of Her light

She put all stars in the palm of my hands

I asked Her for a glance

She revealed the veil, looking at me face to face

Since then I am wondering in I

Still asking for more of Her

Wondering in Her

Still giving more than ever of Hers. 



If you see you blossoming

If you see the bird took you as a tree

Know that it comes from you

From your light


If SHE gives

There will be no one

To say and to see the result



______________________________ I woke up _______________________________



I woke up

In the middle of the night

With such a joy in heart

I wrote with any doubt

How I love the night

How I love the darkness

How I love….


The pen broke

The paper torn apart

The ink cried

Black tears in eyes


Scared, I asked them why?

Guilty, my hand stopped

Beg them the answer they write


I love You, the night

I love You, the darkness

I love You, the silence



They wrote and I cried


Hands in hands

Eyes in eyes

Heart to heart

The whole night

We danced


The sun was up

In the middle of the sky

When I opened my eyes

Being “You” in “I”.



_____________________ The prayer of a seeker to God _______________________



He made me wise

More than He did to all

He made me happy

More than He did to all

He gave me no need

More than He did to all


He gave me a heart

Like no one has one

He made me fond of Him

Like I am not at all




That I think

That I sleep

That I eat

That I read

That I pray

That I sin



Aware like all

Who still not born

I look at the same point

I listen to the same voice

I seek the same word


With Him in love I am

He who always gives


That He tells me why

Or gives me His eyes

To see what He sees

That I don’t see at all


_________________________Nobody knew him ________________________


Unknown he came

By himself he lived

In that small village.


Every early morning

The same path he took

Toward the summit

Of that high mountain.


On the summit

He waited, sometimes very long

For that majestic bird

In the sky, appears.


Simorgh in the sky

The man in his heart

Both hovered

In space and time


People in the village knew

That he was going to arrive

When they could see Simorgh

In the sky, just above their head.



Until that day, not like any other day

For the man never did return

No one worried, no body ask why

As Simorgh either did not appear.





But I asked grandma

What happened to them?

When I was a child

She told me the tale


Simorgh gave him The wings

To taste the flying in the sky

Simorgh is waiting there

For His return to earth.


_________________________ Illusion – Reality – Truth _________________________

When I see all these books
Maybe some of them true
When I see all these minds
Each full of only thoughts
I wonder if really I am
Awake or alive
Maybe dead already I am
Which one is a dream?
Which one really is?
The Truth can be two?

All was very dark
I was suffering a lot
Light knocked at the door
The dream was gone
What release this it was
The sun woke me up
Its light made me blind
My mind became all
“I” was left in dark
This was not a dream
Real all this it was

Day and night both are gone
I am waiting for the pure light
To rise in my heart
Wake the mind up
To see other than “I”
If really there are
Dream, reality or Truth
“I’ has always been
The centre of all

When it came to the Truth
“I” became silent
Left its own place
To the sound of OM
Which put an end to all.


______________________________The Last Step _____________________________

The mountain was high
Rocks made the path rough
No one could reach there
If the Truth didn’t help

Seeing that man
Alone sitting there
After all this time
All human being left behind
Sounded a day not like other days

   - “Where are you going my son?”
Brought him back to earth
  -“Looking for God I find myself here”
Brought smile on seated man face
  - “ How do you trust the path?”
  - “ My heart told me he was somewhere here”
  - “ How do you know if is him 
      If you see him right here? 
      Go back home my son
      He is waiting for you there.”

  - “ If you say the Truth 
      Then I can trust my heart 
       Which brought me here
       The Truth to hear.”

No more words between them were said
His heart told him the last word to say
That that man sitting there
Could have seen God
If he had taken one more step
He forgot himself looking to see God
He suffered a lot that we are all so close
But we stop before, before taking the last step
Without any word without any thought
He wished for all, all he wished for himself
He took back the road going back to home

God witnessing all is the only one who knows
What wish that night that no word no thought wish was

There are legends which say
That man sitting there was himself God
Some others say the man sitting there
Knew God was behind that step
Would rather sit there
That it happens this way that day
Or maybe just only
Sitting there was his last step

I would rather say
About that wish that day
That these kinds of wishes
Always right away happens
He went back home
To take as many steps
He wished that each of those steps
Be counted as the last step
For each of us who doesn’t know
How close we are
Or couldn’t take that step 

The journey is all yours
But maybe the last step
The man sitting there
Is waiting for you there
To show what could be
For you the last step to take

__________________________  How lonely I am  ______________________________

I closed my eyes
To see if really I am
I erased life in me
To see that,  inside of his dream I am

Beyond life and death
“I” was left alone
Life could not bear that
Revealed that the dreamer I am 

Where can I go?
To whom can I say?
How lonely I am
However vast could be the limit I am
What ever could be the seer I am

________________________  Like just a dream this was _________________________

The egg cracked
A tiny head went out
Shined the message of life
In the new borne eyes
The approach of the time to fly
This could not be otherwise

The tree passed on the news
The wind to whom there was
In hands the universe took the new life

Sitting under the tree
The Enlightened One was witnessing all
Didn’t move at all
Like just a dream this was

______________________________What Is "I" _________________________________

What ever I said was only words
What ever I thought was only thoughts
Until I discovered the heart
There is pain for the body
Plaisir and suffering for mind
Joy and bliss for heart
With one eye I cry
With the other I smile
In peace I am in heart
Love points the direction
Compassion gives the strength
Unity is just the end of the road

Alone but not lonely
I grasp the whole and see
How deep is "I am"
Doubtless I live
Thoughtless I am
Wordless to say what "I" is

Purpose Of Life _____________________________

God created the universe the same and wanted the same for all. But human as the only one who had the privilege of consciousness,  thought and wanted more, to be different from all. Of love the father of all agreed and whished for all good luck. 

 It’s why we are living the way we are. Divided and separated each of us tries his or her best for him or her or for his or hers and everyone in his or her own way. We left the kingdom of God and we built houses, cities, countries and continents. All protected by a deep and tall wall.

For ordinary people everything is clear, simple and obvious. They know all and life is the purpose of life. They live, enjoy and suffer in their own different and unique way without ever asking for why. 

There is also another category of people. They call themselves the seeker of Truth. All they seek is the real purpose of life and not finding it since the ages their seeking becomes their purpose of life. They turn toward the same or their own different Gods asking the same question in different ways and languages and they receive the same reply although they hear it in their own different and unique one. God tells them that they wanted to be different and unique then they are. He gave them the chance to see, to hear and think the same thing in so many different and unique ways. This applies also to the purpose of each of us life. Each of us has to find that unique response to the unique purpose of life. It’s not something that we can find in a book written by someone else. It should be in ours. Not in someone else teaching it should become within us. Was it this that we wanted all over all.  Sad or pleasant this is the human destiny and it is one for all. 
A good story is the one who finishes well. This one is one of them. By God’s love finally the seekers reach to the same destiny by two different paths.

The first which is the path of self-enquiry who resumes itself in: “I is all, all is not”. The second which is the path of devotion says: “all is, “I” is not, and both ends in divine love. 

God left our destiny in our own hands because of our own free will and request. As a lover he did so, suffers with us and will bring us back together by the power of love.
____________________________ Free Will Or Destiny __________________________

Free Will or Determinism?
Destiny begins where knowledge, understanding, awerness ends.
Everyone is absolutely right in the limit of his/her awerness. In absolute, where there is unity there is no particular and all is free will. Existance is the result of duality and free will has its own limitation.
Who knows all accepts the destiny. Who  is one with all is free of all thoughts.

_____________________________ Return Of Light _____________________________

Smile on the face
Joy and peace in heart
Chanting and dancing
Not from what being seen
Or that being lived
But from listening the steps of time
Which goes and takes away
The shadow and veil

Diving deep into last trace of "I" 
“I” is not but awareness is all
Expecting the return of light
The eternal life

___________________________ Truth Always Remains _________________________

It broke my heart
This made her laugh
Something she said, later I heard
Joy and pain both come and go
When the Truth always remains
No place for this or that
Is there after that

___________________________ Search That Is Not ____________________________

Behind every 'being' there is a belief
Search that, that is not
It will take you where is not
The belief will say to be this can not
Say, not to be  is the being of who is not.
What ever I say is about this side
Search that, that is not
It will you take there, that this or that is not
Where else this can be, that the limit of I
Search that one this side is not.

_________________________________ Sin ________________________________
- What is sin?
- All that binds you.

Love -  Wisdom - I _____________________________

Where are you?
With Love?  Wisdom? or I?

Love says:
I am all
Wisdom says:
I am none
I says:
I is both, neither and beyond all.

You Read My Heart  ____________________________

The master says to be silent
How can I?
Be-loved is calling where I am
The master orders not to write
How can I?
I have her letter in hand 
You wrote my soul
I re-wrote your words with my own hand
You read my heart
I re-read yours with that not I am
Then I heard that force
That keeps us both on the same path

_____________________________ That is YOU in I ____________________________

Talking about communication
Listen to me my friend
This is my pain, my song
I see it in all seen
I hear it in all heard
Unable I am about to talk 

Came to me in the middle of the night
That I see is not in sight
That I hear is not a sound
It is in me, it is from me
It is with me, it is me
But I am not one with all
My being is my saying
You would see it,
 if YOU was not
YOU is if you were all
Just be my dear
Sing your song
Let me sing and be that is YOU in I

____________________________  The Forth Line  _____________________________

How can we know what happens to us on the path of the Truth is a punishment or a compensation:

1- The detachment from what had appeared once, to be real gives the seeker a sense of drunkness, bliss and flight over all. How strong one can be to become detached of that one?
Rumi's version of this step is being drawn in the divine wine.

2- Detached of all becomes in love with all. What can be the reason to leave this place where the divine love is pouring from everywhere?
Rumi's version of this step is ' Only You'

3- What else remains from the seeker after leaving the mind and the heart both behind. Rumi answers to this is " the one that is not anymore one but a fool one."

4- As the death keeps an eye on the life, 'being' watches on all who are. Once there it opens its heart and becomes one with the one that is not.
Rumi says this is the forth line

___________________________Seeker of the Truth ____________________________

Seeker of the Truth
By whatever means you are traversing this ocean named life
By swimming, flying or paddling
Know that the ocean, the earth and the sky are you
Paddling, swimming or flying are you
The water, the waves, and the shore are you
All is you but that, that you are.

Seeker of the Truth
You know all when you know you are all
That there is nothing more to find in a book
No one to teach you a new word
Wait until the time comes for you to know
Then the knower, the knowledge and the knowing
All become one, and that one none
Seeker of the Truth
There are voices and that wakes the ears up
There are words and that creates monologues, lectures and talks
There are meanings and that creates discussions, dialogues, disputes and fights
There are hidden messages and that creates communions and inspirations
There are signs and that enlightens the mind
Listen with your heart you will hear all and that creates love
Seeker of the Truth
It’s said and given to each as to all
It’s in each what hidden in all
The journey could be ended just now if it was seen and heard once for all
Look into your eyes; put a hand on “I”
Turn and go within, straight to the heart 
What has been looked for has been waiting for long

Seeker of the Truth
Stop talking
Stop thinking
Stop remembering
Stop knowing
Stop being
Die still alive. Let the mortal gone.
Experience what has always been, the pure consciousness.

Then be, know, remember, think and talk.
This and that are both gone. What ever stayed is what ever is, and that is all.

________________________ Conscious of Consciousness ______    _______________

Attention, Now, Truth, Divine Knowledge are all the path, toward Consciousness which is also a path. A path toward consciousness which becomes aware of being conscious. This is also a path toward what is. This not what you see. You see as much as you are. To see all you should not be. This is what it is, being what it is not.

____________________  “I” immerged, universe was born _____________________

Never seen,  desired to see
Universe immerged, “I” was born 

Being the key, look for the door
Being the flow, flow to the source

“I” is, not this not that
“I” is the light, when life is dark  

Being the light never sees the night
But in the darkness of mind 

Never been desired to be
“I” immerged, universe was born

__________________________  Know Your Self _______________________________
Not this nor that
Not a leader nor a follower
Not a message nor a word, not yes nor no, not white nor black I am
Not the way you say nor the way they thought, not the way they said nor the way you heared, I am
Not in trance nor to earth attached, not slave of men nor in chain to God I am
Neither a mirage nor a glass of wine for your empty hands, not in cage not worried I am
Neither a messenger nor a beggar of temples or taverns I am
Not the hell, nor the paradise, even not the destiny I am
Not now nor for the first time I say or write this. Since dawn with light I drawn that
The Truth is not because of the shape nor of the colour, not because of this nor that, not related to glass or the carafe

If you have reached to this point I would tell you in secret the mystery, scared that the stranger would hear that
You are that one they talked and said much about, you are the essential of life, hidden or seen by all you are what you were looking for that 
Now and then, here and there you are the secret of all, essence of love and you don’t know that,
You are all, you are each
You are the silence, the divine garden, the paradise, free of questions and answers of this or that
If you heard this mystery, if you weren’t overwhelm by fear I swear you would be awakened 
You would be the God of all planets
Not a part, not like the water in clay but you that self
Meet yourself
If you don’t want to follow who ever, what ever they claim
Then you won’t see other than the shining light of your self nor other than the bliss of the unity
Know your self

______________________ Grand assembly of the universe _____________________
In the grand assembly of the universe, the one that takes only once in every moment, everyone said what they had to say. To the wise it was just a moment, to the ignorant long enough to be born, bored and dead. When it came to The Sun, it said that it would give its turn to the one that has more to say, unless no one had any more to say. Then it would say. As in the light the darkness has no place to stay, the silence took place and The Sun for ever, this, continued to say.

Out of duality I am the saying, not what has been said nor the one who said.
I am one with who ever says or what ever it has been said.
I am the light that makes being to be, the seen be seen.
I am the place, where, seeing, seen and the one who sees are the same.

More you know, you know, you know less.
Closer the light goes, further the darkness, the purpose and the goal will go.
Day has never met the night but only the dreamer, a trace that the night has been there.
No more left than to be, to me The Sun, to shine, what ever the light of The Truth would say.

_______________________ Our intellect makes us blind _________________________

Our intellect makes us blind. We don’t see anymore with our eyes but with our brain. If we don’t see we say it doesn’t exist and if we don’t understand we believe it’s meaningless. In each encountering in a split of second we are experiencing the Truth but as not being aware, right away our mind, our intellect get over it and push us to experience it through their own field of mental understanding, which is a veil to the real. The confusion, the non-understanding and the unknown are all opportunities to jump beyond the mind and the intellect and witnessing the real, the Truth, the only one that is.

 “I” has been waiting with the cup in hand for the right time
That the cup falls and the wine be released from its cage
That the wine – a cup but itself - be poured in the throat of the thirsty seeker to release the drunkenness

The drunkenness, too, comes and goes releasing the freedom
The freedom from what I am, this or that
To reach the consciousness, a flash light, a candle in the middle of a sunny day
Not for long time, as false and darkness are condemned to go away
How far one can dig? Where the Truth can go when awareness is there
Then the seer and the seen, the object and the subject, become one
True and pure knowledge, as the source and flow are the same

___________________________ Other side of the river ___________________________

He started the day like every other day. He didn’t know that day was a day not like other days. Going to the river, sitting on his chair, staring at the water and fishing were all he had done until that day.

When the sun ended that special day he went back home like every other day. He cooked and ate the fish that he didn’t fish, as himself was fished and thrown to the other side of the river that day.

Since then he goes every day again and again to the other side of the river. He seats and watches himself fishing on the other side of the river. 

_________________________  Who has to wake him up  _________________________
There is One
In deep sleep
Nothing left to me
But one
Who is that One
Who has to wake him up

________________________________   Now  __________________________________

What is this "Now" which has always been, is and will be.  Where ever we go, what ever we do we are in it and we are with it. The past is only memory, the future is a wish.
We can change the word "Now" with "I" and say the same thing. The duality of "I" and "Now" is a cage, a jail to me. Liberating from one brings the freedom from both. The result is the absolute awareness, the absolute unity and the absolute nothingness.
Oneness is a no place ____________________________

There are so many stories about the same story, so many truths about the same truth. Finally what is all this about?

What is that word which needs so many words to attempt unsuccessfully say it?

Can the stone talk stone. Can being talk being. Saying, thinking or what ever else exist in the world of duality. Oneness is a no place. A placeless which is a place of no one, otherwise it is the place of one. Isn’t this the essence of what we believe as God? Isn’t this the being?

Where and when human being can find and experience this in his daily life? When the true love, the divine one, the only one that merit to be called love comes, there will be no duality. There will be no two that one talk about the other. There will be absolute acceptance and surrender. The only two moments that we can talk about are the only two instants, two moments closest to the being, the one just before reaching and the one after leaving it. The moment itself leaves no traces, no memories. It’s like going to visit the beloved, the very moment of still not seeing and finally seeing her and the moment of leaving and still not leaving her. It’s like the sunset and the sunrise. The time with beloved didn’t exist because there was no one to say what it was like. It’s why there are so many words about it but no word for it.


Look into my eyes and tell me if you see her face

Look into my heart and tell me if you don’t see hers

Who am I ? No more I care, until I see Her again

Then I will be She if She wants me again

_________________ I dream the day _________________



I dream the day

I stand there

The bird pause on me

Take me as a tree


I dream the day

I look in your eyes

Read in your heart

Love, I have in mine


I dream the day

We dream all

The same


I dream the day

When I open my eyes

I see I didn't dream at all


________________________Give me your hand ______________________

 Give me your hand
Let's go where I am
Everything is the way it used to be
I see nothing the way it is

Open your heart
Listen to mine
No need to give
Only to be

I am the tree
Be the wind
Forgive the leaves
If you don't see me

The blue of the sea
The truth in your eyes
No where to go
Stay with me